Zimbabwe: Opposition Morgan Tsvangirai may soon hand over

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In his vows on Monday the leader of the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change (CDM) suggested he might step down as president of the movement. And while the country is preparing for new elections in a few months. The first without former president Robert Mugabe.

This is the first time Morgan Tsvangirai suggests that he could withdraw. In a statement released Monday, he said: ” I see the time comes when we, the older generation, will let go of the reins to allow the younger generation to resume the heavy task engaged so many years ago. ”

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It has been almost twenty years since the former union leader headed the MDC. A move he elevated to the rank of leading opposition party.

But the 65-year-old leader is suffering from colon cancer. And his visits to South Africa – where he is followed – are becoming more frequent and have limited his public appearances.

Last week, President Emmerson Mnangagwa visited him at his home in Harare. And on the photos taken for the occasion, Morgan Tsvangirai appeared strongly emaciated.

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Towards a struggle for succession?

General elections are scheduled in less than eight months, the first without Robert Mugabe at the head of Zanu-PF, the ruling party. But in recent months, Tsvangirai is almost no campaign. In the field, he was replaced by Nelson Chamisa, one of the party’s three vice presidents.

His succession “is going to be difficult, ” predicts political analyst Alex Magaisa. ” This is largely due to the fact that nothing was planned for his estate, which probably should have been settled a long time ago. The party has always had problems of factionalism and it has been a long time since many people have positioned themselves to take the reins. There is likely to be a lot of controversy in the coming weeks. ”

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The MCD comprises three vice-presidents: one elected, two appointed by Tsvangirai, including Nelson Chamisa, who is a favorite.

For Magaisa, if the succession of Tsvangirai is not settled quickly, the internal struggles may cause a new split of the party

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