Zambia – Second Wife Kills And Buries, First Wife And Her Daughter, Then Tries To Kill Husband To Cover Up

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A woman in Kabwe, Charity Banda, killed her husbands first wife and later killed her daughter without anyone noticing. She lied to her husband that she sent his daughter to a boarding school in Lusaka, Zambia ten months ago. When the husband started getting worried about the absence of his daughter without hearing from her, she tried to kill him by pouring hot water on him while he was sleeping.

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It has been 10 months since the woman killed the step daughter and all along, she has been hiding that she sent the daughter to a boarding school in Lusaka.

On 14th October, 2017, the husband insisted to know where his daughter is but due to lack of more defensive reasons to hide on, the wife waited for the husband to sleep and later, utilized the weakest point of a man during his sleep to pour hot water on him.

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Just after the incident, Charity Banda decided to flee to Lusaka and she was caught by two men before she could hike a private car.

She was later apprehended and upon receiving strokes from law enforcers, she reviewed that she killed the first wife of this man and later killed the step daughter who she buried within the yard of their house.

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Doctors have since exhumed the remains of this daughter while Charity Banda’s husband is in the ICU at UTH in Lusaka.

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