Zambia – Police To Arrest Shammah Bushiri Over His Prophecy, Accuse Him Of Insighting Violence.

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The Police are planning to arrest the brother to ECG founder Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s biological brother Shammah Bushiri.

According to Police sources, Shammah bushiri is targeted to be arrested for his Brother’s fight with National Guidance and Religious Minister Godfridah Sumaili but will accuse him of insighting violence in his 2015 prophecy.

In 2015, Shammah Bushiri gave a prophecy that the Patriotic Front was going to win the 2016 general elections and the opposition will dispute the results, which has come to pass.

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Shammah Bushiri then went ahead to state that he was seeing a treason case arising and the opposition Leader was going to be in jail.

He further warned that if the red one (HH) is arrested on treason charges, it will be a push for him to be republican President.

“I saw water boiling, boiling and boiling and I asked God, why is the water boiling, he said continue seeing the water boiling.” He said.

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“I am seeing a Green object and a red one, now these two objects have been fighting, I see the red one (HH) being arrested and charged with treason, they will say he is trying to overthrow the government, the biggest mistake the green one will make is to arrest the red one” he said.

“I am seeing Elections being postponed (Meaning 2021 General Elections) but the red one will be pushed by a treason case and win with landslide margin”

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“I am not a politician, but the job of the church is to pray that no casualties will be seen, no life will be lost, as a church we need to pray. Shalom shalom” shammah ended his 2015 prophecy.

See Shammah Bushiri’s prophecy in 2015 before Hichilema was arrested.

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