Zambia – PF Gestapo-like Brutality Against Opposition UPND Reaches A Terrifying Crescendo

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Here UPND members helping Desmond Mubita who was almost cut to pieces by the PF panga armed criminals in full view of the police during the burial of Clance Zulu.

Mr Mubita was first of all abducted where he was hit by pangas all over his body. He is now admitted in intensive care unit in UTH and the possibility of him dying is high. This is barbaric to say the list.

PF is a criminal party and all Zambia including Easterners must stand up before it is too late.

This picture should be widely shared to show the world and the united nations how criminal President Lungu has become. If he can instruct his carders to kill people during funerals, then he can instruct them to kill any Zambian opposed to his administration even when one is at home.

This is not the Zambia we knew. Where is Pukuta Mwanza and Ireen Mambila. Its like your tribal cartel has now started working, killing Zambians in broad day light. This is sad and unacceptable!

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