Zambia – Kamanga Women Form Vigilantee Group To Arrest Prostitutes Terrorizing Their Husbands

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A gang of sex workers are on rampage, terrorizing and attacking people especially men who are coming from drinking sprees as well as those moving alone in the night, in Lusaka’s Kamanga Township.

And residents have called on the Zambia Police Service to quickly move in and intensify night patrols before many innocent people were affected with HIV/AIDS as well as robbed.

Matthews Chengo of Kamanga’s Kamulanga area told Zambian Watch that a group of sex workers calling themselves ‘‘Prostitutes for life” – composed of about 10 women – were on rampage in the area, demanding sex on the spot from men, including youths, failure to which they were threatened to be killed.

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Mr Chengo described the situation as tense because people’s movements were now restricted especially men and boys who feared to be attacked and used as sex toys.

He appealed to law enforcement agents to work with neighborhood watch groups in curbing the crime wave which was escalating and people were living in fear.

Sex Workers Terrorize Kamanga Township, Men No-longer Free.

Another resident Pathias Mbuzi told Zambian Watch that the said the prostitutes were not only after sex, but were also robbing people of their money and gadgets especially those who were drunk.

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“What they do is they sit and stand along the roads as if they are waiting for their clients, then later on they ascend on you and drag you in a nearby bush or unfinished building, rape you, rob you and the unfortunate ones are being brutalized and beaten,’’ said Mr Mbuzi.

And women in the area have formed a vigilant group to save their husbands from the sex workers by following them to their drinking places as well as stand on guard to rescue victims.

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Agness Chase said the women have since organized themselves to effect citizen’s arrest on those suspected to be prostitutes and women who moved in the night at an awkward time.

She said Kamanga compound was no longer a safe place to move in the night because thieves have also taken advantage of the situation and people were not at peace.

The women said they will not let their husband being abused by prostitutes who could end up infecting them with sexual diseases but they will ensure that they protected their husbands.

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