Zambia – Hichilema Launches Venomous Attack on Judiciary Hours Before Crucial Judgment

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Hichilema Launches Venomous Attack on Judiciary Hours Before Crucial Judgment

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has launched a scurrilous attack on the judiciary, an institution he is seeking justice from in the aftermath of the August 11 elections.
And Hichilema said the UPND had written to SADC and the United Nations over his post election grievances.

Meanwhile Hichilema has a matter before Judge Mungeni Mulenga in his fresh matter in the Constitutional Court which has since been adjourned to September 21 despite labelling the Judge corrupt.
Hichilema said his party had handed over the fight to rescue what he calls a stolen election to the Zambia people.

The UPND leader addressed a media briefing at Chainama Hotel accompanied by former Vice President Guy Scott, his running mate Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, Dr Canisius Banda, ADD president Charles Milupi and MMD’s Nevers Mumba.

Hichilema has been criss-crossing between courts since he was defeated by Edgar Lungu in August 11 elections.
The Constitutional Court threw out his petition on Monday after the 14 day requisite time lapsed forcing the UPND to take their case to the High Court under the guise of reclaiming their right to be heard under the bill of rights.


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Hichilema nakedly said some judges had received money from State House compromising their positions in the Constitutional Court.
He singled out Justices Anne Sitali, Mungeli Mulenga and Palan Mulonda as having been paid to throw out the petition.

“They got 30 pieces of silver. You cannot throw out a petition before you hear it. They are agents of evil, the three musketeers,” he said in reference to the judges that voted to throw out the petition.
He heaped praise on the two that were out voted to have the petition thrown out who are Margaret Munalula and Hildah Chibomba.

Hichilema said that he had handed over the fight to the Zambian people.
“We have now done our part as individuals, now the people of Zambia of Zambia should take over the fight. They should take over the fight to protect the constitution,” he said.

“All those marketeers who are being chased out the markets, taxi drivers chased from ranks, go back and see if they will attack you. If they do resist and your neighbours should join in.”
Hichilema said he did not recognize Edgar Lungu as the winner of the August 11 elections.

The UPND leader said the judiciary in Zambia had been heavily compromised.
High Court Judge Mwila Chitabo is this afternoon expected to deliver judgment on whether the injunction to restrain the inauguration of President Lungu succeeds or falls through.

Freedom Fighter Simon Zukas was part of the audience at the UPND briefing.

Via Zambia Reports

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