Zambia – GBM Cheers Up UPND Supporters in the Face of Another Courtroom Setback

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In the face of court room setback UPND Vice President and running mate Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has asked the supporters to take heart and soldier on in the face of defeat.

This morning the UPND challenge before the High Court for an ex-parte injunction was thrown out by Judge Mwila Chitabo.
UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and his running mate GBM were seeking to stop the inauguration of President Edgar Lungu due next Tuesday.

However Judge Chitabo has set Thursday as a date for an interparte hearing (both parties present) over the same matter.
The UPND has refused to let go of their challenge despite the Constitutional Court having dismissed their challenge on Monday.

The High court has through Judge Chitabo set Thursday, Thursday, 8:30hrs for an interparte hearing to restrain the chief justice from inaugurating President Lungu.

NOTE: An ex-parte decision is one decided by a judge without requiring all of the parties to the controversy present whereas inter-partes require all the parties present

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Below is GBM’s statement:



We wish to put it on record that the Patriotic Front will continue having sleepless nights over the stolen 2016 election that has been witnessed in the history of our country.
Out of guilt the Patriotic Front will continue paddling lies and unfounded propaganda to divert people from the reality surrounding the rigged election by trying to bury their criminal activities, as was seen from the way the elections were administered and conducted.

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There criminal mentality has collapsed all government institutions and this unfortunately includes the judiciary.
There is need for clear information on the rigged 11th August, 2016 election, it is owed to the Zambian people including others as we belong to the global village.

The flip flopping of the constitution court deliberations is a demonstration of the abuse by PF of institutions that are supposed to be autonomous, like the judiciary.
We wish to appeal to all our fellow citizens particularly the UPND members that the PF will try by all means to run away from and down play A STOLEN ELECTION by using misguided and false political propaganda against us so as to blindside all of their evil doing.

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We know that this election was rigged and hence the reason why we are working tireless for JUSTICE on the victory that was robbed from us.
It was day light robbery what Edgar Lungu together with ECZ did and this cannot be brushed underneath the carpet.

UPND is an organised party which is preoccupied with the STOLEN VICTORY and not the tantrums coming from the PF.
Our aim is for us to be heard and evidence seen. We want people to know how elections were rigged.

UPND will not bend to shallow convention propaganda aimed at misleading the people.



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