Yummy foods for Easter

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For this Easter season, there are varieties of yummy foods you can eat in a typical Nigerian home. Delicacies such as pounded yam and efo riro, Nigerian jollof rice, coconut rice, fried rice, chicken vegetable, Nigerian pancakes as well as snacks such as egg rolls, meat pie cookies and Abacha also known as African salad, to mention a few, can be served.


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Nigerian jollof rice

This meal is practically the number one favourite of many Nigerians. This meal which is not consumed by Nigerians alone is mostly served during special occasions and social events such as marriage ceremonies, child dedication and also for Easter celebrations. This meal is often served with chicken and best enjoyed with vegetables, salads, fried or roasted fish.


Coconut rice

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This is not as popular as jollof rice but this sweet taste of rice mixed with coconut is very exciting and that is why you can cook it this festive period. This meal is yummy, delicious and tastes real good.


Pounded yam and efo riro

This is one of the most popular ‘swallow’ food eaten in Nigeria, with soups such as ogbono, ewedu, egusi, nsala and so on. Aside from the stress and process of making pounded yam, it is a meal that you would love and want to eat always.

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Cookies are tasteful, great and have a yummy and crunchy feeling.


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