You can’t risk the youth vote, Mister Minister

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It appears the Democratic Progressive Party’s vice president for the North Goodall Gondwe has developed a penchant for stirring controversy, evidenced by his recent outburst that running government is serious business and cannot be left to ‘babies’, which is, without a doubt, a stinging jab at the country’s Vice President Saulos Chilima.

The name of the Vice President is now on most lips, both within and outside the DPP as a number of party’s officials want him to represent them at the ballot next year at the expense of their incumbent president and Head of State Peter Mutharika.

Not only is the statement by Gondwe an insult to Chilima but it goes against the very dictates of the country’s laws as the Constitution clearly states that anyone who is above the age of 35 can freely run for the office of the country’s presidency.

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In a country that embraced democracy over 24 years ago, it is very strange to find senior political figures of the calibre of Gondwe, who are nearly over the hill, busy disrespecting the youth who are young and energetic.

All the young need from the old timers is to tap knowledge and wisdom from the likes of Gondwe who should now be considering retirement as they have handled government business for long.

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Need we remind the honourable minister that the voting age in Malawi is 18 and above and as such, it is foolhardy for him and the DPP to think that they can disparage the youth who will, no doubt, form the bulk of voters during the 2019 general elections.

We would like to agree with observations that the DPP should handle its internal affairs that have now been laid bare before the public with all decorum, without necessarily downplaying the critical role that the youth have played in this country.

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All the old politicians that we are seeing today did not just wake up and start running affairs at their current age, they once were in their prime youth when they diligently served this country and are now heading towards the twilight of their careers and should be thinking of paving way for fresh blood.

This is the message that Goodall Gondwe and those of like mind need to properly digest; you cannot risk the youth vote through careless talk.

Tame your tongue, honourable minister

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