Yoruba Women Cry Out, Protest Beheadings And Rape By Fulani Herdsmen

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A crowd of women from Yoruba ethnic nationality in Nigeria has cried out to the government to come to their rescue from the hands of  Fulani Herdsmen who incessantly behead and rape them in their farms. The women were carrying placards with inscriptions like “Fulani must go” etc.

Meanwhile, accusing fingers has been pointed on the Nigerian federal government led by Mohammadu Buhari who is Fulani also. There has been a lot allegation that the Nigerian government has been delivering weapons via helicopter to Fulani herdsmen in remote bushes.

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These herdsmen has killed more than 10,000 people in Nigeria since Buhari took over power in 2015. However not even a single of these herdsmen has been arrested.

Contrarily, there has been cases where youths mobilize themselves to go after these herdsmen only to be arrested and dumped in prison without prosecution by Nigerian Army. Example is what happen in Awgu Enugwu last year where about 70 youths who pursued after Fulani Herdsmen who wrecked havoc in their community were arrested by Nigeria army and were kept in prison in Umuahia for more two months without trial. Similar incident also took place in a community in Delta state this year.

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This underscores the point that Fulani Herdsmen are sponsored by Nigeria government to instill fear into Christian population by so doing Islamize them.

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