World Bank-Funded Projects – Procedures Considered Too Heavy

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The World Bank’s joint portfolio review highlighted the cumbersome procedures to be followed in implementing projects.

The World Bank undertakes periodic exchanges with sector ministries and representatives as well as implementing agencies with projects funded by this institution.

A review which comes a year after the launch of the Partnership Framework for the period 2017-2021.

The journal thus makes it possible to develop recommendations and leads for better management and especially for greater impacts of the projects.

The intervention of Rado Rakotondralambo, consultant of the World Bank, has announced the results of the inventory of project management procedures financed by the World Bank.

Studies conducted in June 2017 showed that the ratification of loans by the World Bank needs to go through seven steps came. “A ratification loan goes through eight different institutions and authorities, fifteen departments and services, twenty responsible for treatment.

In addition, the two parliamentary chambers require three to one hundred sixty-five copies of documents to approve, “Has he said.

He stressed, moreover, yesterday, delays in credit facilities or in the same secondary appointment officers (Ordsec).

Examples of blocking and heaviness identified in the management of projects to which this joint review, which began yesterday and ends today at Anosy will surely try to find solutions.

Commitments The joint review will also cover five other topics, such as operational procedures and stakeholder capacity development.

On this point, Coralie Gevers, Country Manager of the World Bank, recognizes the achievement of the capacity of the Malagasy side. “Madagascar’s portfolio is better than other countries.

For four years we achieved what departments projects are managed by the same departments and not by implementing agencies or consultants, for example, “she says.

The country has established a valid plan to reduce poverty, leading to increased funding by the World Bank in relation to the year 2014.

The World Bank portfolio includes sixteen projects worth 838 million of which $ 372 million has been disbursed for the period 2017-2021. Mirana Ihariliva

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