Why investment is poor in Third World countries, by Wabba

NIGERIA Labour Congress(NLC) President Comrade Ayuba  Wabba has expressed concern over what he described as militarisation of third world countries.

According to him, the  development is affecting investment potentials in most the countries.

Wabba told The Nation on the sidelines of the just concluded 108th session of the International Labour Conference that the absence of peace in many countries is affecting industrialisation,.

The labour leader said  no investor would come to any country where there is no peace.

Wabba, who is also the president of International Trade Union Confederation, said the increase in the number of countries that has been militarised was a clear indication that something has gone wrong with the world system.

He said: “Anywhere you are able to deny workers and citizens their means of livelihood, it will be difficult to address the issues of peace and stability. That is why the key for moving forward is future of work that can still guarantee some of the fundamental rights that workers have already earned.

“We have seen budget of the world and the militarisation of the world. If you look at the areas of the world that is currently being militarised, you will notice an increase.

“That is to tell us that something is wrong and that something need to be done. That is why the ideas of ILO is to use sustainable peace and development within the decent work agenda.

“When you have decent work and many people have something to do, it will be an avenue to being about social stability and social cohesion because you cannot have development where there is no peace.

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“Investors will not come to a country where there is conflict because they want peace which will drive development.”

Speaking on the lessons learnt from the centenary celebration of the ILO, Wabba said: “Looking over the years and the various roles that ILO has played in shaping the world of work, we can say with nostalgia that a lot has been achieved.”

The supervisory mechanism of the ILO and the issue of standards is very important and many conventions have been passed. Nigeria is the first country in African to rectify these conventions.

“We cannot take for granted the fact that the issues of labour standards everywhere around the world is important because we need regulate the issue of labour the same way we regulate economic issues round the world.

“In fact, the issue of labour should be taken more seriously because it is about human beings. Therefore, we can say with every sense of responsibility that this is an occasion that is worth celebrating. It is also to plan for the future. That is why the theme centered on decent work and sustainable development.

“If you look at the sustainable development goals, particularly goal eight, you discovered that it talks about decent work. At the foundation of peace around the world, is actually the issue of social justice. That is why the issue of social justice is key.

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“The future of work becomes important because going into the 21st century and the fourth industrial revolution, we have seen a lot of changes. We have seen that what is driving economies around the world is the issue of technology where attempts are being made to use technology to replace human beings. That will not augur well with our desire to have sustainable development and decent work around the world.

“Anywhere you are able to deny workers and citizens their means of livelihood, it will be difficult to address the issues of peace and stability. That is why the key for moving forward is future of work that can still guarantee some of the fundamental rights that workers have already earned.

“Some of the fundamental rights brought by this important institution is the right of the worker to collective bargaining which stipulates that a worker is not a slave and that they have a right to negotiate their conditions of service.

“Going forward, in whatever economy we operate, these rights must continue to be guaranteed. That is why we have requested for a new social contract going into the digital world and the technological revolution.

“We need to ensure that workers continue to exercise these rights which include the right to strike, the right to decent work and the right to fewer hours of work because been have seen that with the advent of technology, people are now made to work for longer hours without being paid.

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“We have heard progressive pronouncement by world leaders here with some of them being very supportive of the fact that the issue of minimum wage should be universal.

“We heard President Macron said that because of the issue of people moving from one place to the other in search of greener  pasture, he advocating for a minimum wage in Europe that is enforceable.

“World leaders that have come here have said that the panecea for global peace is social justice. You cannot have peace around the world if there is no social justice.

“Therefore, if we have a pool of youths around the world that are not engaged, it is also a problem. That is why the issue of decent work is imports. Inequality around the world has increased and that is why I said that inequality anywhere is a threat to insecurity anywhere in the world.

“We have seen this happen from one jurisdiction to another. That is why we are expecting a very strong instrument from this conference in form of conventions to address issues of violence and harassment in the world of work. We are very passionate about that as workers.

“We have seen how minor and women are being harassed on daily basis. Therefore, the world of workers have seen this as a major issue and the need to confront it from a global perspective and have a convention that van guarantee zero tolerance for harassment and the issue of violence in the work place.”

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