White Man: “America Will Suffer Because Of What We Did To Black People!”

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AhnicB “Whites refuse to be accountable for their actions”? And what actions would that be? I’m white, and have never owned a slave or supported slavery. In the words of the honorable Dr. M.L. King, I “judge people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin”. That is the way I was raised! So please tell me what terrible actions of mine should I take responsibility for?

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Blaming me or people like me for slavery, is the same as blaming a German baby who was born yesterday, for the rise of Hitler! I, myself, am only responsible for my own actions. And the only thing I could do is live my life right, and treat all people the same. I have absolutely no power over what was done in the past. NOBODY does!! And it bothers me deeply to witness the kind of bigotry you displayed with your ignorant and irrational comment. Hopefully some day you will open your eyes and see that racism isn’t the way. Until then, bless your heart..

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