War Crimes – Cameroon Soldiers Tortures Medics In Ambazonia

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A medical practitioner in Kake II Health Centre in Meme County, of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia, is presently battling between life and death, after seriously being tortured by soldiers of la Republique du Cameroun (LRC).

The victim medic, was whisked off her hospital premises and manhandled, for treating civilians with gun wounds, suspected by colonialists to be wounded Ambazonian fighters.

She was tortured to near dead by the colonial soldiers, leaving her in a very critical condition. The colonial terrorists later came back and destroyed the health centre leaving the community medically helpless.

It is important to note that the colonial forces recently ordered all health personnel and institutions in Ambazonian territory to report any case of gun wound brought for treatment. From every indication, the nurses in health centres of the affected communities have not been obeying the colonial order.

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The said nurse at the Kake II Health Centre was therefore accused of treating wounded restoration forces, when she offered her services to a civilian hospitalised with gunshot wounds in the health facility.

This genocidal act came after the frustrated colonialists vandalized a telecommunication antenna at Bai Panya in Meme Country, belonging to one of the telecommunication operators in the county. Their motive is obviously to obstruct telephone signals between restorations forces.

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In conventional war practices, hospitals and health facilities are supposed to be buffer areas where the wounded on both sides can be treated of injuries sustained during the prosecution of such a war.

However, that is not the case with Mr. Biya’s senseless war against the sovereign State of Ambazonia. Only his wounded colonial terrorists’ forces have access to Ambazonian health facilities.

Health centres or First Aid personnel caught offering medical services to; civilians injured in entrapped in crossfire between the two opposing forces or wounded restoration forces are destroyed or giving serious beatings respectively.

BaretaNews, continues to remind the international community of their responsibilities to investigate these war crimes coming out of Ambazonia. Southern Cameroonians did not declare war on anybody. Self-defence forces are simply defending themselves and their territory from an aggressor.

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The colonial regime of Mr. Biya is the aggressor here and they have the responsibility to respect intentional conventions in the execution of their so-called war. How could they beat up medical staff and destroy health facilities?

The colonial terrorists’ forces do not have the monopoly to commit war crimes. The fact that Ambazonian self-defence forces have been civil in their operations against the invaders, doesn’t mean they cannot also act beyond conventional norms.

James Agbor,

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