Video Footage Shows Bribery And Multiple Voting During Anambra Election

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NIGERIA [Anambra] — VIRAL footage shows that the just concluded Anambra State election involved money and gift inducements.

The Election which sparked the attention of international observers and United Nations officials recorded a low turnout of electorates.

Before the disappearance of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB leader Mr. Nnamdi Kanu on 14 September after the military invasion to his hometown, in Afara Ukwu Ibeku, Abia State, an election Boycott was issued to its members which have much dominance in Southern Nigeria.

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In what seems to be a grip of fear, the political leaders reach to their arsenals to Marshall out ‘illegal strategies’ to defeat the election boycott order, in styles of gift items, money exchange for voter’s card and coercive inducement.

The secessionist leader has called on the Federal government of Nigeria to grant them date to conduct a peaceful referendum to determine their fate in ‘one Nigeria’ put together by colonial masters (British).

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In the two videos:

Video one captured elderly man sitting on the front line of a building, dishing out money to electorates. No voice from them Was heard because of the distance of coverage and background unfiltered noise. The spy allowed its voice in, saying ” a woman is going to collect their money”

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“see how they’re giving them bribe”

” they’re giving them bribe to vote for them”

“They are giving them five five thousand to vote for them”

“They are giving them two thousand, three thousand”


Video two showed young man forcing in a slip in large number in a box.



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