Video: 34 days after his arrest, Naira Marley regains freedom

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Swear down na the same efcc go tell naira marley the people when dey responsible for him arrest that tells you how fucket up this country is (am happy is out bt lets be honest we all knw naira marley is a fraudster bt is all gud bcus the country is fucket up) FFK dy list worst tins abt nigeria like say him be no dey power bfr watin him do den ben bruce dey do common sense wich changes has he effected reno dey do like relationship advicer fr twitter dey point out the bad tin abt dis gverment (yes dis government is bad nd no governemnt has ever been good cus if dey are out of office trust me u must see d bad part of them nd hw much money dey all hav stolen jst let another party take over buhari u go see say dem still loot money under him nose) politician dey do like say we be joke dem go still 2 million giv us 100 naira we go dey celebrate meanwhile celebrities go dey show support fr campaign so has to get connections and money letter wen e no favour dem or d administration commot dem go dey do like say dey knw nothin even we too follow join dis problem frm dr, civil servant, teachers, student, traders, bloggers, show promoters, entertainers, business man nd woman etc we no all this politicians are the same pple bt why have we not change them (every body no say this politician dem no gud bt ppl dey criticize dem with their mouth bt later dey go pay homage to get peanuts) if u read this right up well nd think join am u go see say some fact wen i dey point out na real matter.

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