Very Urgent! Is This Lady Interested In Me At All?

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So I got this new job and everything seems so new to me, the work space, the people, the environment and every other thing that has to do with the job. 

First day at work, I gave my number to a guy colleague and I took his, this lady beside us was like “ei, me too get me some of the number oo” but I pretended I didn’t hear.

Later on, she was moody to me. She never greeted me. Once she was together with a guy colleague so I called out the guy’s name and greeted, and it outraged her, she left and whined by the fact that I didn’t greet her. We became foes. I took the initiative to be cool with her.

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One time whilst I was cool with her, she requested I buy her panty, though it was on a light note and there were other colleagues there.

I began chatting her on social media and she was responding. She said I could call and chat her anytime. I invited her for a hangout and she came to my surprise.

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I told her I loved her, and she said if only I had come a little earlier, and that she is seeing someone.

Afterwards, she still entertains my every call and chat. However I decided to withdraw a bit and she got back to her old moody style.

I decided to be cool again and last week, she saw this armband on my hand and she says I should buy one for her. Do you think this girl could be interested in me? What do I do? Should I buy her the armband?

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I know I am asking some strange question, but I am so confused, that is why I need you help.

I will be in the comment section.

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