UN To Conduct Referendum In Biafra If Anambra Elections Records Up To 60% Boycott

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Information reaching Afroinsider news desk from top IPOB executives indicates that the ‘Zero Violence, Civil disobedience’ approach of the Indigenous People Of Biafra led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is yielding enormous fruits even earlier than forecasted.

A top IPOB execute who communicated afroinsdier news via email, allege that a top United Nations official has assured IPOB that their cries and sorrows has been heard but due process must be followed in the restoration of Biafra.

The source assured the Indigenous People of Biafra that the United Nations will conduct a referendum for Biafra if the Anambra election can achieve up to 60% boycott.

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There has been celebrations within the IPOB high ranks as they believe that the Anambra election will achieve at least 95% boycott.

“UN said if Anambra did not get up to 60% vote they will declare date of referendum to Biafra, again Nigeria sent message to UN that they will pull out from UN for supporting Biafrans so please help and share the message to all families in Anambra to stay at home on 18 November no election in Biafraland”

On the other hand, the Nigerian government is said to be quitting it’s membership of most global organizations, including the United Nations to forestall the impending Biafran Referendum.

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Meanwhile, the whereabouts of the amiable leader of the indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu remains unknown. The IPOB executive said they are hoping that the Nigerian army will produce him in court on his court date.

IPOB through their lawyer Barr. Ifeanyi Ejiofor has pleaded with the Nigerian Military to release their leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, dead or alive.

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They asked the Nigeria army to release Kanu’s remains if they have killed him so that he can be accorded a befitting burial as a prince and heir apparent of Afara Ukwu Kingdom and as Supreme leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra.

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