UK Sitting On A Ticking Time Bomb -More than 70 terrorists back on streets after release from UK prisons last year

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EXCLUSIVE: Seventy two people convicted of terror-related offences were back on the streets last year after being released from UK prisons, new figures show.

MP Amber Rudd urges people to stay calm amidst terror attack

 A Home Office quarterly report on the policing of terrorism in the UK, published this month, said 46 of them (64 per cent) were released after serving their sentences, but would be subject to strict licence conditions, in a bid to prevent reoffending.
The other 26 released had been held on remand prior to a charge or conviction.The report said: “A total of 72 prisoners held for terror-related and domestic extremism/separatism offences were released from custody in Great Britain in the year ending September 30 2016.

“Of these, 46 (64 per cent) were persons discharged from custody after serving their sentences, many of whom will have been released subject to meeting certain licence conditions.

“Of those released from custody, 28 of the 72 had sentence lengths of less than 4 years.

“A further 26 were not sentenced, which includes a number of persons held on remand prior to a charge or conviction.”


Still inside: Yousaf Bashir, Rajib Khan and Mohammed Alamgir were jailed last month.

Offenders given sentences of around four years will have been found guilty of offences like hate preaching and inciting people to support brutal regimes such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda.But, the report said, despite the releases, that, overall that the amount of people in prison for terror-related offences is rising.At the end of 2016, there were 183 people in custody in Great Britain in connection with terror offences – up 40 on 2015.

The report said: “Of those in custody, the majority (78 per cent) had been convicted.

“The remaining 22 per cent were being held on remand, in custody until a later date when a trial or sentencing hearing will take place.”

There have been a number of other people jailed for terror-related offences already this year.

These include five men convicted of organising and delivering terrorist speeches in Luton, Bedfordshire, in 2015.

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