U S Congressman Warns Obama administration of unholy romance with Nigerian President Buhari who has been accused of sponsoring terrorism

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A US member of Congress Tam Marino representing Pennsylvania has written to the US secretary of State John Kerry, telling him that America should withhold selling arms and other assistants to Nigeria until Buhari shows an inclusive govt and stops tyrannical tendencies.
The lawmaker said that Buhari uses the military and police to shoot down members of IPOB, stops freedom of speech, appoints mostly people of Muslim north to run almost every thing, attacks the opposition, refuses to investigate corruption in his own team but does selective anti corruption fight and uses state powers to clamp down on those that doesn’t agree with him.
The lawmaker said that out of 122 appointments made by Buhari, 77 are from the Muslim north, the area he comes from.
Tamino said that Buhari does not respect human right, does not believe in an inclusive govt and is tyrannical and that any attempt to sell weapons to him would be used to oppress the opposition.
I am so pleased with that congressman.

Despite all the atrocities going on in Nigeria : the killing of unarmed protesters in Aba, Onitsha, Asaba and Kaduna, the attack on freedom of speech, the selective corruption fight, the attack on the opposition, the lack of inclusive government wherein people of the Muslim north occupy almost all positions, the American govt still treats Buhari and his govt as if nothing is wrong.

The US govt accused the military under Jonathan of breaching the fights of members of Boko Haram but now that the internet is filled with videos and photos of the Nigerian military summarily executing members of IPOB, Shiites, etc, America has not found its voice.

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The other day, Kerry had a secret meeting with Buhari and northern leaders and up till today, no one knows what was discussed. It appears that the American government is secretly romancing with this Buhari govt and the north for something we dont know.

It is good that people like this Congressman shall tell the American govt the truth. This truth, like Dr. King would say, is self evident. America has been seeing all that is going on under this govt but chose to look the other way.

Selling any weapon to Nigeria at this time when we have a clannish president who is there to see that all elements are used to better the north above all other groups, is destructive to Nigeria and I hope the US govt shall listen to the congressman

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