Two Nigerian Men Fighting Inside A Plane (Video)

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A video has emerged of two grown Nigerian men fighting inside an aeroplane. The two men were seen brawling and exchanging blows inside the flight filled with both locals and many foreigners.

There was no information on were the flight took off from or where the flight is heading to. However, judging from the high number of blacks in the flight and their accent, it is believed the flight is a Nigerian local flight.

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One was shouting “you dey f**k up, you the f**k up” while many female travelers on board can be heard shouting ” Jesus, Jesus” There was serious pandemonium inside the flight which was  in motion while this things were going on.

Many people tried to separate them without any success until the video ended. As a result of the brawl, the pilot could be heard announcing that everyone should put on his seat-belts in preparation for landing. The pilot also mentioned that the reason for the landing was because of turbulence. It is not known if the turbulence mentioned by the pilot  is human turbulence inside the plane caused by the brawl.

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Meanwhile, outcome of the dangerous in-flight brawl is not known. However, one of the me separating them was heard talking about arresting them. So, it is believed that the two men would be arrested as soon as the plane landed



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