Tunisia – What motivates Ennahdha’s reaction to the fires in young girls’ homes?

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The Islamist party Ennahdha issued yesterday, Saturday, March 10, a statement following the holding of the meeting of its executive bureau, in which it condemned the repeated repeated fires, which targeted the homes of girls in different high schools of the country. The communique assumes that these acts are criminal and aim at the stability of the country. He calls on the line ministry to assume its responsibilities in protecting its institutions.

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This statement criticizing, in part, the government and emanating from a party, after all, being part of the ruling coalition, could still have passed without intrigue too much, except for the statements of the minister of the education, which were published today on the columns of a daily newspaper, which speaks of conspiracy of retrograde parties, which are against the achievements of secular civil society in Tunisia, and among others, against the public school and the right of girls to education.

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And as proof of what he said, Hatem Ben Salem pointed out that these criminal acts began in earnest when the ministry issued a circular banning any measure of separation of girls and boys in the classroom and in the course of schools.

As a result, the release of Ennahdha takes rather a hasty statement connotation, to try to exculpate and divert, trying to blame other parties and incriminate the ministry of guardianship.

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