Tunisia – A couple Have Been Jailed For Indecent Sexual Act In Public

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TUNIS – A couple has been jailed for ‘public indecency’ by a Tunisian court on wednesday after after an altercation ensued between then and a plain cloth policeman. The couple said they were only hugging in a car when the Policeman met them.

The case was first heard on October 4th was appealed and the couple insisted that they were not kissing or being indecent in any way. They were given minor sentence compared to what they were given on the 4th of October as a result of widespread condemnation of the justice system in social media and press over the issue.

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The woman who is a Tunisian citizen was given a 2 months sentence for 1 count of ‘public indecency’ while her partner who is a French citizen was given 4 months imprisonment for 2 counts of ‘public indecency’ and ‘refusing to obey the police’

Sofiene Sliti, a spokesperson for the public prosecutors office told AFP “It is an independent decision”

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“What has been reported nationally and internationally is wrong, the couple were arrested naked,” he added.

The lady was full of tears on wednesday when the court president read out the description saying that the couple were in an active sexual act when they were caught by the police on October 1 in a suburb of Tunis.

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