Trump Had No Arms Deal With Buhari – Candy Stallworth

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The news making headlines in major Nigeria newspapers that US President Donald Trump’s government had a memorandum of understanding with Buhari led Nigerian government to sell combat helicopters and other military equipments to them has been exposed to be false.

IPOB Chief Mobilization officer in America Candy Stallworth, has this to say:
I would like to further educate my people of the story of Trump selling aircraft and firearms to Buhari .
If you go to Google you will find 2 stories one being under a name Los Angeles Times and second one ABC news. Well to let you know ABC News did not write that article, the man who forged ABC name on his story,they are called Associate Press, look at the story and their name is there .

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They are a Democratic , Terrorist Press that was made by Obama administration . Now look at Los Angeles Times story of Trump , you will see there the same reporter ,Associated Press . Now if you go to the real media in US FOX,NBC,ABC,CNN,CBS you will not find that story of Trump selling aircraft to Buhari.

Now I will tell you why they wrote that story .
I had sent an email into Julianna Brightman the legal Secretary of Senator Conway of Maryland 1 week ago , she had begged for my call , but I emailed her a letter stating that IPOB is moving to big realms in the US now and I told her my position and how our Leader is being held in the zoo because he is a Freedom fighter and that we love Trump .

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A couple days ago I got an email that says, “thank you Candy for your utterance and I’m passing your email to Senator Joan Carter Conway”. I said OK,  I will wait and get a word from the Senator.  However, Senator said that the Senate floor is closed for the year and and that if they open the floor back up, it would start a war bringing up the issue of Nnamdi Kanu.

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Look at this my people we have actually made a big wave because it has made them to come out with propaganda through Associated Press with the story of Trump selling Aircraft and firearms to Buhari and they did this to try and stop us from going any further in the US . They wanted to make us think that Trump has turned his back on Biafrans but they now know very well of our Leader and they know very well that Biafra has come.

Shine your eyes Obama ,Buhari ,


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