Togo – National Institute Of Health Insurance Celebrates 5 Years Anniversary, Launches Mobile App

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The celebration of the five years of the existence of the National Institute for Health Insurance continues. After the launch of the mobile application, place is made since yesterday at the open days that will end tomorrow. For three days, insured and uninsured will have more information about the activities of the National Institute of Health Insurance (Inam).

A conference-debate took place this morning on 4 main themes: the role of health insurance in the financing of the health-inclusion of the informal sector, the role of mutual health organizations in the social protection of households The Mutual Insurance Company of the Informal Sector (Muprosi), the management of sickness risk: what solutions against fraud and the Tics in the service of Health Insurance.

“The open days fit perfectly into our business that marks the five years of Inam. We seized this opportunity to communicate on all the actions and issues on which the various stakeholders need to be documented, “said Miriam Dossou DG of Inam, explaining the merits of these JPOs.

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Concerning the themes of the conference discussion, the panelists addressed several topics.

The Role of Health Insurance in Financing the Health and Inclusion of the Informal Sector

The aim of insurance is to minimize direct payment for care. But the undercut in social insurance (set up by the state) in Africa is that the informal sector is not covered while the majority of the population is evolving in this sector.

This situation is due, according to Hugues Tchibozo the panellist, to the low incomes of this sector, the difficulty of quantifying his incomes to ask for a premium, social constraints, lack of culture of foresight, etc. But these challenges can be met if there is an obligation for all to join, which the state will have to organize to do.

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This is where the role of mutual health organizations for community protection comes into play. The Mutual Protection of the Informal Sector (Muprosi) is an illustration. Established since 2005 by the extension of the Togolese Federation of Wood and Construction (FTBC), it currently has 6068 beneficiaries. To the extent that the insurance is made by contribution of each member of the community, these mutuals come by their contribution to reduce the costs of care.

Another theme addressed is the brake on the sustainability of health insurance which is fraud. Unjustified medical expenses, overbilling etc. Are among other cases of fraud. It is when the doctor and the patient collude that fraud becomes dangerous. In order to curb this attitude, which has lasted too long, legislation will have to be enforced and rigorously enforced.

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As for information and communication technologies, they are not insignificant, especially to support the 300,000 insured whose number keeps growing. They allow for flexibility, ease of handling files, avoidance of recipients of benefits, etc.

The various stands are open and Inam remains attentive to the populations to answer their concerns.

It should be pointed out that since 2012, Inam has 1065 health centers, 206 pharmacies, 33 eyewear establishments, more than 6,000 prescribers and 300,000 insured.


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