Togo – At Lomé, prostitution is growing

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Lome, capital of Togo as the other capitals of the countries in the subregion of West Africa present the image of a cosmopolitan city. Discover Lomé, is to discover the diversity and complexity of this city.


Unquestionably, Lomé is one of the most touristic cities of the West Africa modelled African alternately combining tradition and modernity in the image of other European cities. A city open, modern with hotels splendid but who poorly hides a growing scourge, prostitution which is erected in real system.


That’s what sells best currently in Lomé, prostitution lives in Lomé. A walk in the city has kept all its promises. Route to follow, the boulevard January 13, Deckon, on this road comparable to Princess Street in Abidjan, s*x professionals took up residence.


Whether businessmen, young and old, everyone is for scholarships. It is served with a simple ticket 1000 FCFA or 2000 FCFA, his thirst.


At Lomé for the thousands of tourists that lend themselves each year, passage obliged by Deckon place and its atmosphere of crazy breathtaking. In recent years, another face offers visitors, Agoè and its outskirts, a booming neighborhood.


This type of prostitution is relocated in the suburbs of Lomé. A little further away from Deckon, Be, Nyekanokpoe, Kodjoviakopé and Agoè is also another colony of prostitutes from another class, VIP prostitutes.


Every night between 14 and 15 hours, over a cold beer, a strange ride takes place, the girls waiting to be addressed by men. A drink in Exchange for their phone number, a big heart and especially a smile hoping to meet again later in the night, a discreet soliciting and unequivocal.


Once night falls, Agoè turns into a big mess of s*x with these “night clubs” and its corners of dance where one exposes the nakedness of the woman, or even proposed “extras.”


In one of the “night club”, dozens of girls in sexy outfit to dance or take a break while waiting for a partner. Admission is free for girls but charge for men. It’s a kind of ‘pass’ for boys to find a “prey“.


The first covered girls raise ambiguity. Prostitution became a way out of poverty for these girls, actually well often a trap. They are hundreds thousands for the only neighborhood of Agoè to trade in their bodies to meet their needs.


Annick and Sandra, two prostitutes sisters confide!


Annick and Sandra, two (2) addressed prostitutes give the reasons that pushed them to this profession“. There are various reasons that these prostitutes. With no talk of lack of financial means and other lack of satisfaction.


Me I wanted to be a stewardess and she a stylist.After the death of our father, our mother could all alone to face the needs of the family besides our brother is sick. We stopped the studies on the advice of our brother because it was extremely expensive with the Extras. The family is not aware of what we do and we cannot tell them that. If our brothers saw us, they would kill us”, said one of those two girls.


According to the latter, they simply told their families that they worked in a hotel room, even if income from their work have nothing to do with those of a maid, a turnover well above the minimum wage.


Clothes, hair, shoes, bags, makeup, and beauty products are part of what Ingrid, another girl called its charges and needs.


“I need money to pay the rent and other charges. I need to get better in order to attract more customers and this requires resources. I have plenty of loads, so if I do this, I have nothing, everything in life has a counterpart. “, she says.
“During the week, I do shopping sessions to prepare the night to treat my look and be very seductive. Night party, I drink alcohol and all that goes with it. I have to sell me to earn money for my family and myself. Why must it be sexy? It’s simple, I go sexy to attract men that I‘ll see the night’, reflects this s*x professional.


Everything is rosy for these girls. “It is never happy that I‘m leaving the night with someone strange home or in a hotel. Sometimes, you fall on people and sometimes, it‘s the opposite and I’m scared of being hit or abused in bed. There are lots of nationalities with which I deal. The Togolese, Lebanese, Indians, Ghanaians, the Beninese, Ivorians, Europeans and even of the Americans,”said Ingrid.


Alice, single mother of two (2) children and holder of a BAC + 3 in management, she also began as occasional and was convinced that it would be only temporary. Ten years later, she manages a laundry but rest and remains a “reference” in the field.


“I didn’t came to the stage where I take it as a profession because I have a job but not a job. I have a son and difficult I can admit today that this is casual. Despite the fact that I work, I‘m a prostitute again”, she suggested.


VIP prostitutes, there!


They proudly bear this under framework in their field. They stand out by their dress classy and attractive. They are treated better by the appearance and their customers are often expatriates who come with big cars to bring them either at home or in a hostel.


The largest of these, there are minors, adolescents, older women, and even the old. Baby what do you say?, do you want to do a shot with me?”, they used to say to attract customers showing off in front of the latter.


They offer an exceptional session of leg in the air against a sum of money. They do not hesitate to offer customers all what she can do at home. Lapping the testicles to the p***s through unimaginable positions, they are ready to do anything just to satisfy their customers.


Beyond s*x workers, there is no official prostitution which also takes on another dimension. Those are the women and men that foam bars, restaurants and hot corners and who complete their hike in hotels and hostels.


The clients of prostitutes break the silence


Agoè became a center where s*x is actually what is best marketed and is within reach of all. 5 o’clock in the morning, closed box, the Group of Ivorians share with a young prostitute who has joined them.


“It’s another planet here, it’s like a fashion show in n***d outfit. I come here often with friends. They like it, so here to spend the whole night until the next day for lunch with the girls it is between 20,000 and 50,000 CFA FRANCS, but must be negotiated before you go, otherwise you‘re screwed,”says Carlos.


«This is one market like any other where women sell.» They are there to win rounds even if they also take pleasure. “It’s a s*x-money exchange, they earn by night what they could not win in a month if they worked“, quips John of God.


For Blaise, you can do anything here, even things that ‘madame’ can do at home. They are ready to do everything do you to a sum of money.Kiss has become their daily bread. I have a wife at home but I prefer what is happening here because it’s out of the ordinary”, shows George, young Ivorian.


A steady monthly business


Prostitutes can make a not possible turnover. Here, the competition between girls is tough, but some of them come to shoot their pins of the game by making this trade, a business ‘juicy’ and not possible.


Times a night, before heading out to the night with someone, I can win after sessions of s*x with two or three customers, 50,000 francs, see 70,000 francs but also sometimes we have nothing.” Our dream is to raise a lot of money, create his own job and a family and we hope that God will forgive us someday,”wishes to Sandra.


According to them, the payroll per month varies between 500 and FCFA 700,000. “I need money, so I have to go with an intruder before having what I want. It’s mandatory. “Everything is against part, you give something, you’re also a few things after”, says one of the prostitutes.


The place of the hostel and the taximen managers in this business


An informal business in which the taximen and hostel managers occupy a very important role and first choice. Some are these dedicated driver of girls, others round their nights by bringing customers to the passage hotels targeted by s*x professionals.


“Personally I have my cabbie who takes me day and night. Even at odd hours, he comes to get me here where I am. I pay per month, even sometimes if it‘s a good night I him do an envelope in the morning,”said Georgette.


Yves, the driver preferred this whore did not deny the contract which binds them. “Georgette is my client for a few months. It all started with a day when I was driving into town in search of clients and she wanted that I drop her off in a hotel room. Along the way, I offered my service to bring her back after. Finished, she reminded me to return. “What has been done, it is since then that this link is knotted“, he said.


For him, it’s a second work apart from that of day and which will allow his family to live a better life. “I work even in the day. With Georgette, is all the time, she can call me any time and I am always present once she needs me. Each month, it makes me an envelope of 20,000 CFA FRANCS, even more. It is what makes even her and me, brother and sister”, he acknowledged.


The relationship between prostitute and driver is not the only one that exists. Between prostitutes and some managers of hostel or hotel, there are also some kind of agreement, a win-win partnership initialled between these two camps also allows managers to get their pins in the game. That’s what confirms Eklou, Manager of a hostel in Lomé.


“They come here in numbers. Me and prostitutes, it’s a family matter. Often, I make them discounts on the price of the rooms. Those are regulars of my hostel. On 2 customers you‘re a discount,”he says.


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