Togo – A Driver Manipulating His Phone While Driving Takes The Life Of Three Children

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An uncivilized driver causes heavy carnage in Lome, Togo on Tuesday. A driver manipulating his mobile phone at the wheel has derailed the road and ended up taking the life of three people. The accident occurred at Novissi going towards the crossroads Oando.

According to witness, the driver all his attention focused on his mobile phone, he also handled constantly forgetting that he is driving.

“The driver was on whatsapp while  driving; result, he lost control of the wheel and killed three children.”, Reported us a witness.

The driver, a young forty, a life was saved thanks to the intervention of the police that he had the ability to call soon after the tragedy occurred.

Call at the wheel or handlebars, refuse to put the belt drive and refuse to wear helmets are uncivil acts that greatly resemble that of the tomb.

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