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By: Ryan Velez

The midterm elections on Tuesday, while punctuated heartbreaking losses for some, were also punctuated with not only some surprising wins for Democrats, but also showed the election of several candidates across the country who will be making their way into the history books. One such example that Newsone points out is Letitia A. “Tish” James, who has been projected to win the office of New York’s next attorney general. This makes her the first African-American woman elected to statewide office and the first black person in the state to ever hold the office of attorney general.

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Prior to launching her campaign for attorney general, James was the New York City public advocate before she decided to launch her campaign bid for attorney general. While there was some controversy and questioning on how she was going to balance the activism that made her popular in the first place along with the need to go “middle of the road” to secure a state office, it’s clear that it wasn’t enough to hold her back.

In a recent interview with Ebony, James, an HBCU graduate shared what led her to try and run for attorney general. “I had set my eyes on running for mayor in 2021. That was the plan, but then things changed,” she explained. in an interview published late last month. “As I traveled and spoke to individuals throughout the city, including my neighbors, [there] was just this fierce urgency of now, particularly since my immigrant neighbors were under attack, hiding in the shadows of government. The voices of a number of my former law professors who talked about civil rights and the training we received at Howard University were cemented in my mind.”

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Notably, James is certainly a name that is willing to hold Trump accountable in the near future, which may be extremely important. “This campaign was never really about me or any of the candidates who ran,” James said in her primary victory speech in September. “It was about the people, but mostly it was about that man in the White House who can’t go a day without threatening our fundamental rights.”

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Read more from Newsone at: https://newsone.com/3835609/tish-james-new-york-attorney-general-election/

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