This Is What “Abakeba” Meant To Rich In Burundi

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Used on the street, on social networks, the word “Abakeba” is more and more integrated into the political vocabulary of Burundi. Where is he from ? Blogger Jean Marie Ntahimpera takes stock.

In ancient Burundi, before the missionaries brought Christianity to us, polygamy was a normal practice, especially among the rich. The word “Abakeba” meant the women who shared the same husband. And it was common knowledge that these women did not like each other. A proverb was born from this: “Uwutambana na mukeba ntakubita urugohe” (The one who dances with her rival must remain vigilant “). The reason for this enmity is not difficult to guess: every woman wanted to keep her husband alone, and if she had the opportunity, she did not hesitate to suppress the other co-wife with poison, Excellence to get rid of an enemy in ancient Burundi.

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