This is The Moment A Blackman fights Off Knife Attack In London Bus, Shouts I’m African You Can’t Take My Life

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This is one of those videos where you just stand there is disbelief. It starts with two men scuffling, one presumably tried to attack someone, maybe rob the bus, with a knife and he is being disarmed by a big dude.

This dude fights off the knifeman and the attacker runs as fast as he can. The brave badass, cut and shaken shouts after him “I’m African, You’ll Never Take My Life”….

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This situation must have been damn scary and you are left wondering why no other passenger jumped in to help or tried to apprehend the attacker as he ran off.

We know this beast of a man dealt with the situation like a boss but seriously people NEED to band together and look out for one another. Imagine they got him down and got him to a court room where he deserved to be. Likelihood, he has attacked someone somewhere with a knife before, this day he just got the wrong man.

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And this is why we need to keep ourselves alert, healthy and fit. We ALL should learn self defence techniques and more to keep ourselves as ready for cowardly attacks as possible and arm ourselves with the tools to be confident, look after ourselves and help others when needed.

Shout out to this man for taking care of business!

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