Thief Kazala Goes Berserk; Topples Kamanga On Whatsapp

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Suspected FAZ thief Richard Kazala on Monday night went berserk creating a whatsapp group in which he declared Zambian football boss Andrew Kamanga “illegimate” claiming he will now be taught a lesson.

The criminal Kazala, who alongside committee member Blackwell Siwale, is serving suspension as FAZ vice-president for stealing K150, 000 which were proceeds for match tickets for the Zambia Versus Nigeria match says Kamanga has lost legitimacy to continue as FAZ president.

Kazala and Siwale collected K1, 650, 000 from government but declared K1,500, 000 forcing Kamanga to suspend the duo pending investigations.

The former sports deputy minister and Chingola MP has not taken his suspension lightly going on an onslaught to unseat his leader. Although his campaign to unseat Kamanga started shortly after the March 2016 elections, the true colours of Kazala’s intentions came to the fore on Monday night.

Kazala, who is boasting that he is being backed by State House, has been going round the country giving councillors K50 or at most K300 to entice them into passing a vote of no confidence in Kamanga when the 2017 annual general meeting is held.

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Kazala is telling councillors he has strong Patriotic Front connections although its believed he is one of the people that decampaigned the ruling party in the August 2016 polls.

After his unsuccessful attempts to convice councillors to sign documents that will remove Kamanga, Kazala took to whatsapp to pour out his frustrations and attack the FAZ chief whom he declared illegitimate.

While pouring out his frustrations, Kazala endured a barrage of queries regarding the money he has stolen from councillors. The Chingola businessman was forced to start blocking people he had added to the group and were demanding an explanation from him over the funds.

Kazala also deleted numerous comments and questions that sought his response to the allegations he had stolen their money. Kazala has also been calling some councillors insulting them that they are too poor to question him about money.

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Kazala says FAZ councillors can’t even afford bathing soap which he was helping them buy and wondered how he would steal their money. The crooked businessman is said to be under pressure to salvage his tattered reputation.


And Mr. President, Andrew Ndanga Kamanga, you like the media so much, so let’s talk here, in fact public debate you and I Radio Phonix QFM.

So you think Club leaders are cowards face them here now Gentleman. My Friend Ndanga is sleeping so I shall spare him, he has a lot of responses, I hope I find them when I wake up. Goodnite football family, this is your legitimate FAZ President Richard Kazala Signing out. Please don’t exit.

Mr. Kamanga FAZ President Let me remind you of an old saying, don’t through stones if you leave in a glass house. Be ready, you have thrown your last punches now it’s my turn.

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Mr. president. Andrew Ndanga Kamanga, don’t run away here, Zambia Reports is watching, you are betraying your Electorate, face then here, also add me to your groups i shall face them.

My friend Andrew Ndanga Kamanga FAZ President i challenge you to Sonta Apo Wabomba 10 Months in Office. Sele Tubombe.

FAZ family it’s time to raise, it’s not what we promised you when we campaigned, I still maintain to implement my promises during the run up to March 20th 2015, unfortunately we have a wrong unlicensed driver, our busy keeps crushing new driver required, PSV/ DG driver careful driver Accommodating Driver Richard Kazala.

Brother Elvis. Welcome Airborne Goodbye Andrew Ndanga Kamanga. Voice out here and be ready to exit him at the coming AGM.

I am sure Mr. President that you have won yourself a vote of NO confidence by frequently running away, VIVA Kazala incoming FAZ President, the gates are now open.

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