They Will Only Get Biafra When Their Oil Dries UP – Nigerian Soldier Boasts On Facebook

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A Nigerian soldier who goes by the name Ibrahim Dambo posted their real intent in Biafraland on Facebook. According to Dambo, the purpose of Operation Python Dance II is to Kill and Conquer Biafraland just because of crude oil.

He made it categorically clear that they are in Biafraland to kill and conquer and to continue exploiting the natural resources in Biafrand, while the real owner are left with abject poverty and environmental degradation.

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The Nigerian Military launched ‘Operation Python Dance’ in a very peaceful region, while leaving Boko Haram to kill and maim people in the north.


Below is a snapshot of the Facebook post belonging to  a serving Nigerian army officer  who is among those sent to Biafraland to kill and and maim Biafrans.

In this post he thanked the Nigerian Chief of Army staff, General Burutai for drafting him into the military contingent sent to Biafraland on a genocidal mission tagged ‘Operation Python Dance’

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“They can only get Biafra when oil dries up in South East and South South, as long as oil is still here, they will remain our slaves.

My mission here is to kill and conquer. Nnamdi Kanu, you are a small boy to try Baba Buhari. The blood of IPOB will flow in the coming week, mark my words.” Ibrahim Dakwambo Said.

Ibrahim Dambo’s Facebook post is now a ‘self fulfilling prophecy’ as the Blood of innocent unarmed Biafrans has been flowing everywhere in Biafraland ever since he made that post.

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Meanwhile, IPOB remains undaunted on the call for the boycott of all Nigerian elections while waiting on Nigerian government to give them a date for referendum.

IPOB warned that, should anything happen to Nnamdi Kanu, the whole of Nigeria will be burnt down.


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