These Are The Reasons Why You Have Premature Ejaculation And How To Stop It.

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prejature ejaculation, causes and solutions

Premature ejaculation is a situation where a man releases semen as soon as he penetrated the female’s vagina. For some, it can happen from few seconds to 2 minutes into vaginal sex. Premature ejaculation is one of the most embarrassing situations that a man can find himself. A large number of men suffer varying degrees of premature ejaculation. There are two main causes of premature ejaculation and they are as follow:

1. Anxiety

This is usually caused by a man having so much respect 0r irrational fear of the lady he wants to have sex with. The thought of the fact that this is a rare opportunity and the uncertainty of what was about to happen makes a lot men ejaculate instantly.

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For example, you met a very gorgeous lady that you assume to be superior, and then one thing led to the other and you guys are now about to have sex. You don’t know if she is really comfortable with what you are doing and the emotional hype of the moment makes the guy ejaculates prematurely.

Also if the lady is a very beautiful girl that you have worked so hard to convince her, you are very likely to experience premature ejaculation because of anxiety and inferiority complex. The remedy is to build your self confidence and do not see any girl as a demi-god

2. Desperation

Domestic misunderstanding is a frequent cause of premature ejaculation in relationships. If the girl is not comfortable with having sex with you, then, you are likely to end up in premature ejaculation because you are desperate to penetrate her.

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To correct this, you must make peace with your partner. Ask her to help you by giving you her consent to have sex and having sex with you with all her heart.

3. Guilt

Some people sleep with married women or other females that are not there partners, as a result they feel guilty and are scared of being caught in the act. These triggers a chain of events in the brain that stimulates the responsible hormone to make the man ejaculate quickly.

Also, if you are having sex in an in-conducive environment where you are very likely to be caught, you will most certainly have premature ejaculation the moment you hear the sound of someone’s approach. Remedy, do not have sex with married women or your friend’s girlfriends, and stay indoors.

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Generally, note that premature ejaculation works with a positive feedback mechanism. This means that one premature ejaculation begats another. Because it is an ugly incident that has started, all your mind will be on it next time you wanna have sex and this makes it a self fulfilling prophecy. This is because all your mind has been there and you are so fixated and afraid of it repeating again.

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