There’s no point in clapping and in the end ignoring what you heard – Kid MC and Fly Squad ‘Preach’ in new music

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Two of the members of the empire, Kid MC and Fly Squad, at the end of October, released another song that is also part of the project, where they expressed the dissatisfaction that consumes them, noting the lack of reciprocity in the process of revolution.

Somehow the songs arrive to bring advice or even appeals, having as its target the target audience depending on the style that each listener loves, but when they only hear or simply applaud the singer for being able to play at its core, and at the end do not internalize or put into practice the advice left in the song, causes a tremendous dissatisfaction with the author of the song, because, deep down, what they want is to be able to influence society positively.

On this path, in an underground style, in the song “Sermon” of the project Empire, Kid MC and Fly Squad express themselves ‘angry’ for appealing so much for revolution, and with that, they did not win a loyal audience.

Here are some of the excerpts from the song:

Kid MC: The people I defend are the same people who have beaten palms for bandits, if it was only for records sold, sang about futile things and avoided any compromise … We weaken when your feedback is negative.

Fly Squad: How many have given the chest a bullet and you have not been in this sequence? even though your support would make a difference? so if there is no water and light in your neighborhood, the fault is yours too, if your boss is incompetent, the guilt is yours as well, he gains courage and strength, he turns off the net, he comes to the street.

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