The future of wars

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While some people are thinking ahead and working on the future of wars others are doubting. See what these commentators have to say about this video.

Michael Fenner wrote: Those are super unrealistic. We will never see things like that even in the future. It’s far more economical to carpet bomb using current technology. Not to mention those tiny ass bombs would barely blow up an apartment. And cannon rounds being fired with no barrel and no trigger? What bullet do you know goes off without a catalyst? Even if you put a tiny detonator in the back and fired it like that, you would still need a barrel to aim it. Modern robotics would never be that smooth either. There would be huge jamming issues. This video is fake, like the imagination of the person that made it.

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Years ago my grandfather told my dad “HA!! They’ll never be able to put a man on the moon!” Years ago my dad told me “Ha! They’ll never have electric cars. My son showed me this video and I told him “HA! The end of the world is near!”

Robert Karaitis wrote; At first I was like “Oh good, people are finally thinking about harnessing solar energy instead of dropping bombs on each other” and then of course my hopes were dashed by the everlasting war system I am disgusted to be a part of.

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Erik Nork wrote: When people say disgusted I just think “they have never seen rough times”. Let me tell you something WAR disgusts everyone but some of us realize that nobody gives a damn about our disgust you want to know the fastest way to end war??? Win quickly and go home.

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