‘Teyana Taylor Somewhere Snickering’: Ex-NBA Player Brandon Jennings Fires at Lashonte for Seeking Slot on ‘Basketball Wives,’ Hits Air

NBA star Brandon Jennings


figcaption>Brandon Jennings (left) and Lashonte (right). (Photos: Andrew Toth/Getty Images for PUMA, @lashontae/Instagram)

The post comes four years after Jennings and Heckard called off their engagement, which came after she became pregnant with his baby. Before their split, however, fallout over their relationship ensued when model/singer Teyana Taylor took issue with Tae dating Jennings, who was her ex-boyfriend. Taylor said on “The Breakfast Club” in 2014 that she and Tae were pals, something Heckard, who starred in “ATL,” later denied.

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“Brandon doesn’t shock me anymore…so my issues isn’t with Brandon,” Taylor said on the radio show. “My issue is with Tae cuz that was my friend. … You’re 36 years old. You’re a grown woman. I’m 23. As a woman, the moment you found out … I found out on the blogs.”

With that in mind, many who replied to Jennings’ post drummed up talk of Taylor in an effort to throw shade at his social media musings.

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“Teyana would never… 💅🏽”

“Teyana Taylor somewhere snickering.”

“Bet you she wish she would’ve let Teyana have him.”

“lol the way they did teyana, no sympathy”

“It’s crazy how she dissed Teyana for him, now he doing this to her smh. The circle of life.”

They also remarked that many of the stars of the VH1 reality show are unwed.

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“Hell Evelyn 50 + never been married to one either 🤷🏽‍♀️. But one thing about them tables baby, they always turn!!”

“Being an actual wife has never been a requirement 😂”

“No one on the show is a wife.”

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