Teen mum accuses Kitui pastor of defilement, appeals for justice

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A mother in Kitui county wants a pastor arrested for allegedly defiling and impregnating her class seven girl last year.

At Mwingi children’s office on Thursday, the 16-year-old girl told journalists that the clergyman attacked her after finding her mopping his church ahead of a service.

“Without minding that it was a holy place, the pastor defiled me and threatened hat I would be in hot soup if I told anybody,” she said of the crime reportedly committed on August 12 2017.

“It was on a Saturday evening … I was mopping for the Sunday fellowship. Following the threats, I kept quiet, only to learn that I got pregnant.”

The minor’s mother said her daughter opened up after giving birth.

She said the pastor denied responsibility and insulted her and her daughter, daring them to take him to authorities.

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“He called me a bad mother, saying he never thought I could damage his reputation by alleging he was the father of my granddaughter,”she said.

“He told me, repeatedly, to take him where I could. Being a poor widow, I felt he was taking advantage of my situation but I later remembered that we are governed by laws. That is why we went to the chief who directed us to the children’s office. I know he will be arrested,” she added.

The woman further claimed the pastor ‘cursed’ them, saying the child and her mother would die in seven days.

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“They are still alive and the threats keep coming,” she said, adding she is burdened as the girl underwent caesarian delivery and developed complications.

Mwingi children’s officer Francis Katiku asked parents to file reports immediately and preserve evidence so they do not lose court battles.

“I am sure that despite denying committing the offence, the culprit will face the law if found guilty. There are so many cases of defilement nowadays …  I urge the girl child to be careful and parents to take care of their children.”

The pastor denied the allegations when he was reached for comment.

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The children’s officer sent the mother and daughter to police who said they would investigate.

At Thitani Secondary School in Mwingi last week, Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu decried a rise in cases of defilement and noted that the punishment is at least 15 years in prison.

She asked girls to be careful around men including their relatives.

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