Tanzanian Ex Beauty Queen Wema Sepetu Launches Mobile App

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Tanzanian ex beauty queen, actress and entrepreneur, Wema Sepetu has finally unveiled the suspense package she has been keeping from fans since she returned to Instagram; she now has  a Wema Sepetu app.This makes her the first East African celebrity to have an app.

And There You have it Ladies & Gentlemen…..My very own Application just so u could have me closer than you think…. Download now on Playstore and dont forget to subscribe…. Everything Wema…. Oh Yes na kile kipindi chenu mkipendacho mtakikuta huko huko….. But now u can download it quick and get to hear what I have to say about hizi habari za leo… That is my Breaking News kwa app TODAY!! Yall dont think ningekaa kimya tu ryt…???????? Well I got something to say… Na kuiskia, Ingia Playstore na Udownload WemaSepetu, Subscribe alafu pata kuskia na kujionea meeeengiii… Ukimya Mwingi Rahaaa..????????????.. Endiwooo Mtumia unga mimi atleast najua kutumia na fursa…???????????? (Kidding) So that special thing y’all have been waiting for is Finally here…. Enjoy it…. #WSSoCloseToYou #WSyourAddiction …. NB… This is Only for Android Users for the Time Being, wale wapenda Iphone kama mimi Its Coming Soon….. Dont forget one Thing, Nawapenda Sana…!????…. Na hii sio Tanzania tu jamani…. Ni Worldwide aslong as una Playstore…. Yaani inshort na sisi tuna application Yetu kama vile Instagram na Games or whatever…. Oh Lord…!????????????????????????…. Im Thankful, Grateful…. I feel blessed wallahy…!!!????????

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Putting all the controversy of 2016 behind her, she took a well deserved break off the noise and hate of social media to re-strategize and repackage the Wema Sepetu brand.

Could this be an attempt to control what is written or said about her? While you ponder on that, what we’ve noticed with other African celebs who also own apps is that fans would rather connect with them on social media than any self-owned app.


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Most of them abandon the apps after few weeks of launch and return to where the fans are – mainstream social media. Besides, data is still quite expensive in Africa, additional apps mean more data consumption. Wema might be an exception let’s see how long the Wema Sepetu app thrives.

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Wema says the app will help fans have her closer than they think, giving them access to Wema Sepetu News, TV Shows, fashion, lifestyle, movies and social responsibilities.

Almost there… Jus few hours to go… Yaaaaay…..???????????? #WSSoCloseToYou #WSyourAddiction ????????????

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