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A Statement From The DISTRICT COURT Of AGRICULTURE-VWAWA About Mdude Chadema Nyagali Aristotle Mgasi, And Omar Mbuba:
They named Above are the inhabitants of the District of Vwawa.Wamepandishwa province Agriculture Dock after spending Nearly Three Weeks In Detention In Custody Of Ostarbay-Dar es Salaam where they arrived Today At Vwawa tired from the long journey and Hunger for it Did since yesterday.


He read them the charges Police Prosecutor in time zones Nine this evening that all three at different times been involved in the Crimes of Incitement are prosecuted according to the law of the Crime In Airports was 2015.Mdude study three counts and Colleagues dispute as One and all have denied the charges.


But POLICE PROSECUTOR said Bail Is Wazi.Na ready to Party Leaders, we line up for Bail But the judge of the first Court has blocked Bail for the reason That he has no authority to hear the case Means That Charge is a District Judge Who had left shortly before entering Court for the demands that we not knowing and kaimisha Chair Judge at first glance.


After you receive the charges the accused All pleaded not guilty and were given an opportunity to defend himself All gave the same reason that they may Bond to find space to treat for when hilojiwa were shot So they are still Sharp For Body aumivu Hawakutibiwa Accordingly.


During the reading of the Case Hawakuruhisiwa citizens enter into the Court Room Where in Court he was the judge, Clerk, PP and other Soldiers and I said Phanuel Mkisi.Hakimu me up And me questioning Whether I have Anything to say I asked him to be Mhe.Hakimu if the POLICE PROSECUTOR said Bail is open Inakuaje you stay in charge? The judge did not respond And postponed the trial Until April 27/09/2016 but since Bond Exists Wazikama said PP we are planning to go Tomorrow to meet with the District Magistrate To Make the process of REMOVE the ORDER before the date planned





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