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GHANA: 200 MW to be imported from Cote D’Ivoire after power gas shutdown


In Ghana, the Volta River Authority (VRA) aims to import from Côte d'Ivoire 200 MW of electricity in order to supplement its internal production and avoid the rationing of energy supplied to consumers. This was made necessary by stopping the 1 st February, gas treatment works in Atuabo plant for...

Chinese Oil And Gas Company Addax Petroleum Plans To Leave Gabon


The Chinese oil and gas group that owns Addax Petroleum is considering leaving Gabon and Nigeria to concentrate its African activities exclusively in Cameroon, where its financial health is better and its reputation still intact. Addax Petroleum in Gabon is soon over. Its owner Sinopec would consider selling its onshore...

France, Tunisia Attempt To Thwart Fuel And Gas Crisis Committee’s Anti-smuggling Operations


Reports have revealed that France and Tunisia are attempting to get in the way of the anti-smuggling efforts of the Libyan fuel and gas crisis committee in fighting the growing phenomenon of fuel and goods smuggling from Libya to neighboring countries via land border crossings and to other countries via...