Sugar Sector: For a fairer distribution

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It is up to the small planter community to persevere with and even step up its lobbying, since they are doing it for a cause that can have a wider impact with both economic and social benefits

By M.K.

There is no need to maintain the sugar industry at the core of national conflicts, controversies, discords of various sorts, as has been the case over such a long period of time. Perceptions should change in favour of the sector as a fairer player on the economic scene than it has been the case so far. Backed by published facts and figures, this is in fact the core thrust of the articles that have appeared in this paper in the past few weeks, namely that the fallouts from the diversification into non-sugar sectors (energy, distillery, land conversion) should have been more equitably distributed…

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* Published in print edition on 9 November 2018

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