SSOA- Cirilo denounces govt’s plan to declare them terrorist groups

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November 8, 2018 (JUBA) – South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA) led by Thomas Cirilo Wednesday denounced “government’s sinister plans” to label holdout opposition groups as terrorist organisations.

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South Sudan’s vice-president, James Wani Igga (Photo: Larco Lomayat)

Speaking in a public meeting at the Freedom Square in Yei town, Vice President James Wani Igga announced his government plan to declare the non-signatory factions as terror groups after the end of the pre-transitional period of eight (8) months.

“South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA) condemns this irresponsible utterance from Mr Wani Igga,” said the SSOA-Cirilo spokesperson Kwaje Lasu in a statement extended to Sudan Tribune on Wednesday evening.

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Lasu further said it is the ruling SPLM led by President Salva Kiir which “rightfully” deserves this categorization as a terrorist organization.

“The Government of Kiir and those of Wani Igga have committed heinous crimes against humanity, war crimes, rape and displacement of 2.4 million South Sudanese since the start of the man-made infernal civil war in the country,” he added.

The factions of the SSOA- Cirilo were part of the revitalized peace forum but rejected the IGAD brokered agreement saying it does not help to achieve their aspiration for a genuine federal system and freedoms.

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However, the other faction led by Gabriel Changson signed the peace agreement and expressed hope to achieve the desired goals through the mechanisms set up by the revitalized peace pact.

Lasu pointed that the statement made by Wani Igga actually revealed the “mindset and sinister intentions” of the regime towards the holdout opposition.

He stressed that this threat will not deter their struggle for “a genuine sustainable peace and true democracy to our country”.

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“We will continue to advocate for equality, freedom and justice. We strive to be the vehicle of change and beacon of hope to the people of this great nation despite the flapping wings of the dictatorial regime in Juba,” he emphasized.

President Kiir and SPLM-IO leader said they want to initiate a dialogue with the non-signatories and to include them in the peace implementation process but no concrete measure has been taken yet.


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