southern Cameroonians Burys One Of Their Fallen Heroes

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Tears flow as Ambukwa Clive Nkenyem, a 24 years Ambazonian (Southern Cameroon) freedom fighter killed by the murderous Le Republic Du Cameroon Army was committed to mother earth.

It was an emotional sight as hardcore Ambazonians gather to bury this fallen young hero of theirs. Deep emotional weeping can be heard from those late Amukwa left behind.

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“One of our fallen heroes was buried yesterday at Ekona. He was called Ambukwa Clive Nkenyam. He was only 24 years old.

Just at a time this young man was beginning to excel, the evil regime decided to cut short his stay on earth. We love you dear little brother, your life was snatch from you too soon, but one thing is for sure, your name shall forever be remembered in the history of Ambazonia.

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We will not rest, until the purpose of your dead is fulfilled. You and many more remain our true heros. With a heavy heart I say RIP,” Cucu Blinks wrote as he post the videos on Facebook.

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