South Sudan: Volunteer teachers open makeshift school in South Sudan

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Some volunteers in South Sudan are making sacrifices for easy access to education, despite the conflict there.A makeshift school comprising several classrooms has been opened for internally displaced pupils at a transit area located at a United Nations Mission in Juba.

The Friendship Primary and Nursery School is an initiative of displaced teachers and the United Nations Children Fund – UNICEF

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40 volunteer teachers  have taken up a herculean task of teaching these displaced pupils, fleeing conflict and currently sheltering at a transit location now home to thousands of displaced.

The students have been learning under trees and or in the open air for the past week.

Teaching aides like blackboards have been donated to the school and there is a plea for proper shelter which could keep away the sun and the rain.

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The 344 girls and the 631 boys who are currently attending the school may not all have a chance to express their appreciation, but Juliet, an older student spoke her heart.

The classes at Friendship School range from nursery level to Primary eight.


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