South Africa Boils Again As Xenophobic Attacks Resurges

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Rustenburg South Africa has been boiling since early this week with the blood of Nigerians and other black Africans immigrants being spilled as black South African indigenes asks other black Africans to leave their country.

According to an audio recording and images obtained by from an eye witness in South Africa, the current Xenophobic attacks has it’s epicenter in Rustenburg, South Africa.

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A lot of foreigners has been killed, while the injured are left unattended in various hospitals.
the audio message, urge all to share this information so that the world will know what is going on in South Africa, since the conventional media houses has given a deaf ear to the cry of black foreigners in South Africa.

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Unfortunately, the South African Police and Taxi drivers are alleged to have colluded with the perpetrators of these heinous acts.

South African nationals have been killing other black Africans in their country since 2008, accusing them of being the cause of high crime wave, unemployment and the economic hardship in the country.

Nigerians are mobbed and killed while their businesses and that of other Africans were burnt down by marauding South African nationals.

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One begins to wonder if these South Africans know their history at all. Their fellow Africans they are killing are those whose activism and giving ended the apartheid in that country just less than 25 years ago.

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