Society: The Grand Coeur Foundation flies to the rescue of the women of Borkou

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As part of the social and health activities of the Grand Coeur Foundation (FGC), a delegation led by Layla McBride, Chief of Mission and Outhman A. Hamdane, Ramatou Mahamat, Yasmine Khayar, members, stayed at Faya Largeau in the region of <span title=”Borkou du 28 février au 7 mars 2018.

“>Borkou from February 28 to March 7, 2018.

The objective of this trip is to support the women of Borkou on the sidelines of the festivities marking the National Week of the Woman of Chad (SENAFET), Edition 2018. Several activities were carried out to help the most vulnerable layers especially the women. These layers have received training and farm equipment and equipment for income-generating activities such as mills mills, shelling mills, motor pumps, meat machines, pasta dry products as well as shovels, hoes, wheelbarrows <span title=”et râteaux.

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“>and rakes.

Emergency room, maternity, and matron health staff are trained by the FGC’s medical team to care for women and scorpion stings. They received medical devices to improve their working condition. Thus, as part of the improvement of health care in general, maternal and neo-natal in particular, the Grand Heart Foundation has built and equipped an emergency room for scorpion stings, a guard room and <span title=”une pharmacie au sein de l’hôpital régional de Faya.

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“>a pharmacy within the regional hospital of Faya.

The FGC has also refurbished and equipped the maternity ward with an observation room, delivery room and recovery room for mothers and newborns. She participated in the opening and closing of the activities of SENAFET, Edition 2018 in Faya.

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