Sierre Leone – Alleged Brawl Between Attorny General And Information Minister In State House True?

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There isn’t an end in sight to the growing social media speculation into what exactly took place at State House in Freetown, Sierra Leone last week, between the country’s Attorney General – Joseph Franklyn Kamara and the Minister of Information – Mohamed Bangura.

There are unofficial reports that both men – key ministers in the Koroma government were involved in a heated verbal altercation in the presence of president Koroma, which degenerated into an ugly fist fight.

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Both ministers are believed to have sustained minor cuts as they traded blows. According to government sponsored media, there was a heated argument between the ministers, and reports of a fist fight are said to have been blown out of proportion.

But the Information Minister – Mr. Mohamed Bangura told reporters it was a “Personal emotional discussion.”

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The editor of the Sierra Leone Telegraph – Abdul Rashid Thomas contacted the ministers to confirm what took place. Will there be blood on the carpet at the party’s forthcoming national convention?

This is what Information minister Bangura was asked: “Mohamed good evening. I am trying to cross check information I received about a fight that took place at State House between you and Joseph Kamara – the Attorney General. Can you comment please?”

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