Video has emerged of men of the Nigerian Armed forces cheering and hailing a captured Fulani terrorist herdsmen for assembling AK47 assault rifle within minutes. Ibrahim Umar, the captured notorious Fulani terrorist received unwarranted and unmerited ovation from men of  the Nigerian Armed forces.

In this video obtained by Afroinsider, a Fulani terrorist herdsmen is seen assembling an AK47 assault rifle amidst thunderous cheers from Nigerian armed forces.

It is no longer news that captured Boko Haram terrorist and Fulani Herdsmen are not punished but reintegrated into the Nigerian army and Police and sent down to the South East to kill and maim unarmed people.

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This is one of the reasons why a lot of people believe that the Nigerian government is sponsoring the Boko Haram terrorists as well as the Fulani Herdsmen.

Stories abound of people sighting Nigerian military helicopters dropping assault weapons in the forest for the Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen. There has also been stories of Nigeria soldiers guarding the terrorist Fulani herdsmen after they attacked villages, while arresting and detaining villagers who went after the attackers.

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A glaring example to show that the Mohammadu Buhari led Nigerian government supports terrorists is the discharge and acquittal of Kabiru Sokoto, the mastermind of the Catholic church bombing in Madala in December 2011. Kabiru Sokoto who was captured, convicted as the mastermind of the Madala bombing and jailed, was discharged and acquitted by the Mohammadu Buhari government.

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Also about 800 convicted Boko Haram terrorists were released and drafted into the Nigerian army in 2016 under the watch of Mohammadu Buhari.

This is why many believe that this captured Fulani terrorist herdsman, Ibrahim Umar, will soon be drafted into the Nigerian army, seeing how they are cheering him in this video.

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