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About 800 sub-Saharan migrants were repatriated by the Algerian Red Crescent on Thursday night to their country of origin.

A caravan made up of a multitude of buses took the departure of the locality JUTE towards the wilaya of Tamanrasset, from which they had to be routed towards their countries.
The caravan was escorted by the National Gendarmerie to ensure their safety on the road.

A medical team was also part of the trip to treat them if necessary. It should be noted that migrants, before them, were taken to their country of origin. However, hundreds of others enter Algeria, some would have even returned to Béjaïa where they have already made a passage. A similar operation also took place in Akbou during the past week.

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It involved about 200 people. As a reminder, a few years ago, they were taken care of in camps on the west coast but they quickly left the place. Some work in the dark and others ask for charity. Sometimes women with their children even make small traffic to feed themselves and raise money to reach Europe.

It should be noted that these migrants refuse to leave the territory of the wilaya of Bejaia where they have become accustomed to cope despite the conditions in which they live. Conditions that are, to say the least, rudimentary and difficult, not to say unbearable.
However, they still cling to life and resist cold and hunger.

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These migrants, some of whom have come with their families, have fled conflict, war, famine, drought and disease. They have established themselves over the years and can even integrate because some of them are Muslims and then Algerians in general are very hospitable.

In Tazmalt, some fifty migrants took possession of the land currently serving as a fruit and vegetable market. These families live in inhuman conditions characterized by insalubrity and poverty, in tents made of tarpaulins. These refugees or clandestine migrants live only thanks to the generosity and help of the charitable souls they encounter in the streets. Without work or shelter, whole families move from town to town.

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A solidarity operation was organized on Amazigh Year’s Day in favor of the latter. They were treated to meals and also moments of exchange with people.

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