See What A Man From Bayelsa Told Niger Deltans About The Igbos And Biafra

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If the struggle for Biafra were led by an Ijaw man or any other Niger Deltan, it would be ok for the Igbo to support and follow him! Then the Igbo will not be a threat to the Niger Delta. But turn the shoes around and watch them march out and tell how much they hate the Igbo and how they are a greater threat to them than the Fulani!

As sad as it sounds, these hypocrites are the ones we hear more of their voices from the Niger Delta! Most of our people who know better choose to keep quiet, forgetting that even their children will face the consequences of being misled by these hate driven face book tigers!

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I am an Isoko from Sagbama LGA of Bayelsa state. I am a proud Biafran! I declare that the Igbo are our brothers. They have done us no wrong! And even if they did, we should write them off and close ranks! Books cannot contain the wrongs we have done to them! Yet they go about simply looking out for us!

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Our distractors used to tell us that the Igbo were after our oil, until they discovered that they have oil too and do not care about our oil! Now its hate that they keep propagating among our people against them! Some even tell us stories told them by their grandmothers in the moonlight to back up their claims!

Anyone who says that he prefers the Fulani for the Niger Delta to the Igbo is very wicked! The evil he or she wishes upon our people shall return to his or her head! Who is it that cannot see that the Niger Delta is in ruins!

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That is the result of bad choices by our fathers! We should not make the same mistake in 2017, which our fathers made in 1967! God save the Niger Delta!

By Keno Ogbehe Ekeanyanwu

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